Each committee will decide upon a Chair, Chair-Elect and Past Chair for the committee to serve in that position for one year while on the committee.
A new or re-elected member will be selected each year for each committee.

Year ending term on committees is shown for each member.

ADMISSIONS - 5 Members (5 year term)
Chair 2018Naomi Aronson2019
Robert Goldstein 2020
Arnyce Pock 2020
Kevin Abbott 2020
Renata Greenspan 2018
AUDIT – 3 Members (3 year term)
Chair 2018Brian Monahan 2019
Adrianne Noe 2020
Tee Guidotti 2021
BYLAWS – 4 Members
Chair 2018Daniel Ein 2020
Max Robinowitz 2021
Leonard Glassman 2022
MEDICAL SCHOOLS – 4 Members (2 year term – appointed by President)

Chair 2018Randy Howe III 2020
Victor Scott 2018
Kevin Donovan 2022
Katalin Roth 2018
NOMINATIONS – 5 Members (2 year term – appointed by President)

Chair 2018Roselyn E. Epps 2020
Hrant Semerjian 2020
Bryan Arling 2020
Salina Waddy 2022
Alan Schechter 2022
PROGRAM – 4 Members (4 year term)

Chair 2018Scott Cohen 2020
Stanley Rapoport 2019
Ace Lipson 2020
Eric Marks 2022
WEB SITE – 4 Members (4 year term)

Chair 2018Pat Latham2018
Kevin Abbott 2020
Ashesh Patel 2020
Chuck Macri 2018

*The term of office for each committee member ends in February of the given year.  The elected member in his/her last year of tenure on an Academy Standing Committee assumes the chair of the committee and membership on the Board of Directors during that year. The term of office ends in February 2016 for members on Special Committees.

Updated: May 28, 2018