Academy of Medicine Board Meeting

December 3, 2014

Members present:

William Duncan, MD – President

Patricia Latham, MD – Past President

Paul Kimmel, MD – Vice President

Carl H Gunderson, MD – Secretary

Ed Krill, JD – Treasurer

Bryan Arling, MD – Director (2019)

Martin Dillard, MD – Director (2017)

Barry Thompson, MD – Director (2015)

Peter Rheinstein MD – Admissions Committee Chairman

Adrienne Noe, PhD – Constitution and Bylaws Chairman

Daniel Ein, MD – Nominations Committee Chairman

John Eisold, MD – Strategic Planning Committee Chairman

Randy Howe III, MD – Medical Schools Committee Chairman

Kevin Abbott, MD – Web Site Committee Chairman

Renata Greenspan, MD – Audit Committee Chairman

Robert Friedman, MD – Program Committee Chairman

Stuart Nightingale – Incoming Admission Committee Chair


1. Meeting called to order by the President at 6:25 PM.

2. Admissions Committee: New Member Nominations

Peter Marks, David Benedict, Alan Schechter, Scott Cohen

The board discussed each nominee and each was approved unanimously for membership.

– Dr. Rosalind Epps was elected to membership earlier by the Board.

– There was a discussion concerning the criteria for membership.

A motion was made, seconded, and approved to not change the criteria for membership.

3. Medical schools committee report (Dr. Howe).

The primary activity of the medical school’s committee is conducting the annual ethics essay contest. This conflicts with graduation exercises at one of the four medical schools. For that reason committee requested that in future years (not May 2015) the date of the meeting be moved up to the last Wednesday in April. The board sent this recommendation back to the committee for reconsideration. They were also asked to review the function of their committee and whether or not awards should also be given for other academic areas.

A motion was made, seconded, and approved that the committee study their scope and consider expanding their awards program.

4. President’s Report

The President reported that at the last Academy meeting, Dr Barry Thompson was elected to fill the vacancy as Director with a term ending in February 2015. Drs Angie Lazaraus and Dominic Raj were elected to fill the two vacancies on the Constitution and Bylaws committee. The President noted that the Academy now had all leadership and committee positions filled. Dr Dan Ein was recognized for his and the nomination committee’s hard work in filling out our leadership roster.

Dr. Eric Marks was appointed to the program committee.

There was extensive discussion of the number of non-dues paying members. The Treasurer indicated that this was a fairly constant figure.

There was discussion of the role of the sponsor of a new member. It was suggested that the sponsor be notified that his candidate for membership had been approved and that he would be asked to present the new member at the next general meeting.

It was also suggested that the speakers at the Academy meetings, if not already a member, should be considered for nomination.

The President reported on the results of the tables surveyed during the last general meeting. There was a significant mixture of those who had called for a reservation and those who had come without one. The Secretary was asked to acknowledge each RSVP for those members indicating that they will attend a meeting. It must be made clear we may not be able to accommodate those members who did not RSVP. There was discussion about publishing a list of members that indicated they would attend a meeting one week before the meeting. Also, the Secretary and Treasurer were asked to clarify the number of meals the Academy paid was charged for the last meeting. The contract specified 80 meals, the Secretary indicated that the number was 60.

There was general agreement that the task and responsibilities document was correct

A motion was made, seconded, and approved the secretary provide  forceful reminder one week before each meeting to remind members that if they didn’t RSVP, The Cosmos Club may not be able to accommodate them or their guests.

A motion was made, seconded, and approved that the sponsor of a new member be notified on the new members election to the Academy and be asked to present the new member at the next meeting.

A motion made, seconded, and approved to include on the membership application the membership dues so potential members will be informed prior to joining the Academy.

There was a proposal from the Treasurer at the President’s request to purchase insurance for the Board of Directors. This will probably cost about $800 a year.

A motion was made, seconded, and approved to purchase the insurance after investigating where we can get the most for the money.

A request was made by Dr. Martin Dillard that the secretary asks the Cosmos Club to project any parking conflicts for our next three meetings.

5. Vice President’s report: no report

6. Past President’s report: Nothing to report

7. Treasurer’s report: See attached

8. Secretary’s report

We currently have 155 active members 29 emeritus members and 36 nonresident members.

All officers of the Academy proposed that the last board meeting were voted into office.

–      Barry Thompson: Director,  Term ending Feb 2021

–      Bob Goldstein: Admissions Committee Member, term ending Feb 2020

–      Brian Monahan: Audit Committee Member, term ending Feb 2018

–      Paul Schlein: Constitution and Bylaws Committee member, term ending     Feb 2019

–      Hrant Semerjian:  Nominations Committee Member, term ending Feb 2020

–      Ace Lipson: Program Committee member, term ending Feb 2020

9. Audit committee: There were no new activities by the Audit Committee since its last report.

10. Constitution and Bylaws Committee: no report. The Committee will review will perform its annual review of the Constitution and Bylaws and report to the Board at its next meeting.

11. Medical School’s Committee: see above

12. Nominations Committee: no report

13. Program Committee: the speaker the next meeting would be Dr. Cynthia Dunbar. The title of her address will be “From One Come Many: Harnessing The Power Of The Hematopoietic Stem Cells From The Bench To The Bedside”

14. Strategic Planning Committee:  The Committee met on November 24, 2014 and formulated the following Mission and Vision statements for discussion with the Board:

Vision: The Academy of Medicine of Washington, D.C. will be an influential thought leader within local and national health communities.

Mission: The Academy exists for the advancement of the science of medicine and to promote the mutual exchange of knowledge between medical and other scientific groups.

The Board discussed the Vision and Mission statements and did not offer any changes. The Committee will reconsider these statements at its next meeting before making a formal recommendation to the Board.

15. Web Site Committee Report: there was some discussion of using a survey monkey to facilitate attendance lists at meetings, elections, and other tasks

16. There was no additional new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:24 PM

Next Meeting: March 4, 2015.

Respectfully Submitted

Carl H. Gunderson, MD

Secretary, Academy of Medicine